A Taste of Brush Lettering

calligraphy #3
Lettering with a pointed brush is an innovative form of Calligraphy. Brush lettering is a sign painters alphabet that was formulated mid 20th century. The letters can be quite flexible as there are not a great number of rules, although good form is important. In this class we will explore lettering the lower case letters using an acrylic brush that has a colour cartridge. The colour brush is quite springy. When the brush is used on its side, the stokes will be quite thick and when held straight up, very nice thin strokes will be achieved. Join us for this introduction to pointed brush letters, a different calligraphic hand.
Cost of Course
Kit Fee
Course Difficulty
Course Time
Friday morning, 9 am to 12 pm
List of materials
Tools to bring...
- pencil, eraser, ruler
- optional.......a fine liner, black, if you have one\
- optional....... a few coloured pencils
- paper, an exemplar and a colour brush will be provide