Sarah Thornton

I have been spinning since 2003. I learned to spin on a drop spindle using fibre I carded in the grease, from a teacher in Fairbanks, Alaska. I spun exclusively on spindles for two years before acquiring a wheel and I’ve continued to use both spindles and wheels for my spinning. I’ve been teaching  spindle spinning for the Victoria Handweavers and Spinners Guild since 2016. Until recently, my day job was as a university laboratory instructor, giving me many years of experience teaching adults. 

My favourite class to teach is Beginning Spindle Spinning, helping to bring new spinners into the craft. I have also developed a new workshop - Spindle Spinning for Wheel Spinners - after finding a number of people who learned to spin on a wheel and just never got the knack for the spindle. I love introducing spinners to this portable, ancient tool.