Barb Round CZT

As a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I  truly enjoy teaching this meditative art form, and seeing  students wake up to their own creative possibilities. My students range in age from 6 years to 96, and have included seniors and special needs. The Zentangle process makes it easy for almost anyone to accomplish a beautiful design. Zentangle is a pen-and-paper art, using repetitive strokes and patterns to create works that are pleasing to the eye. Zentangle brings focus and a sense of calm, so can be used therapeutically for stress relief (hence the “zen” part of the name) with the bonus of producing eye-catching art. Zentangle designs have been adapted to many other mediums, including quilting, pottery, card making, journaling, mixed media art and home decorating.

I have structured my one-day instruction with a 3.5 hour morning session using pen and paper- my standard Introduction to Zentangle class- so that every students can enjoy the sense of accomplishment, experience the calming effect, and understand the process and patterns. Then in the afternoon I present the quilting class. Zentangle-Inspired Quilting (ZIQ) uses the same tangles, or patterns (sometimes adapted for continuous line application) using free-motion quilting. The morning class is prerequisite for ZIQ.

I am a very experienced free-motion quilter, very confident with Zentangle design, and have a lot of teaching experience. What I do not have is enough technical know-how to troubleshoot on many different models of sewing machines. It is not my intention to teach basic free-motion quilting, as we are using complicated designs. I want to teach for success, and it is important the “zen” quality of Zentangle can be appreciated by the afternoon students. For these reasons, I encourage only students who are fairly confident with their free motion quilting to attend the afternoon session.