Rag Rug

braided rug
Rag Rug (Toothbrush Rug) The rug is made using 1” strips of fabric and a small wooden tool. ( Formerly the handle of a plastic toothbrush was used, thus the name Toothbrush Rug.) You will start your project in the class and will be comfortable enough with the method to carry on afterwards. It’s a fun and relaxing craft to work on and your rug can be whatever size you choose. Unfortunately this class is now wait list only!
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Friday afternoon, 1 pm to 4 pm
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Wooden tool supplied by instructor for $5
Fabric. Woven cotton in a light to medium weight. Denim or heavy wools do not work well. Strips are 1” wide. The length can vary, but should be at least 25” long to avoid constant stopping to join strips. If using new fabrics, the typical width of 42” is ideal. Cutting the strips with scissors or rotary cutter is preferable to tearing. Feel free to use whatever colour scheme you’d like. I suggest starting with 20-30 strips.