Beading for Peace

Beaded Pendant
Beading for peace will offer a chance to explore working with semi-precious stones (quartz, jasper, agate and other stone beads), and to discuss the properties of the stones, working with stones with intention to promote peace in ones own life while sharing stories on what peace means to each group member (sharing not required). Using simple beading techniques, three separate pieces can be completed in the three hour class: two simple semi-precious stone bead or crystal bracelets, and a stone angel or charm . Unfortunately this class has been cancelled due to lack of registrations
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Sunday afternoon, 1 pm to 4 pm
List of materials
Participant will need to bring: beading cloth or tea towel, small chain nose pliers (or small pliers), small scissors or nail clippers for cutting thread and thin wire. Also helpful would be round-nose pliers.