About the Courses 2019

Our roster is now complete and we are ready for registrations. If you have questions about the difficulty of any of these courses or want to hear more about it, please email us at info@creativethreadsconspiracy.com.

We have some old favourite teachers (not That old!) and some new ones we are excited to try. We'd love to hear back from students about how the experience was for you, what we can do better, who you'd like to see next year, etc. In the meantime, have fun choosing the elements of your weekend! Make sure they are not in the same time slot by clicking on the "back to Timetable" button to compare the choices that interest you. 

Sorry to say that Sussanna Czeranko, who has taught felted slippers two years in a row, is not able to be with us this year as they are in the midst of a big lifestyle change, but she promises to join us again in 2020. 


You can use the filters to narrow the list of courses below. Just select the Course Difficulty or Course Type the way you want and click Apply.