Jazzed Up Jellyroll

Jazzed Up Jellyroll
Jazzed up Jelly Roll - (1 day class with homework) If you have ever done a jelly roll race but did not like the outcome or are just looking for an amazing use for your your jelly roll then this project may be for you. We will first make a jelly roll race top. You can stop there if you love it or you can continue on and “Jazz It Up”!
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Course Time
Friday morning, 9 am to 12 pm
Friday afternoon, 1 pm to 4 pm
List of materials
Supply List

1 jelly roll - or 2 mini jelly rolls (40 pieces total)
40 - 2½” x 40” - 44” of at least 2 different colours
1600” long by 2½” wide coordinating scrap fabrics joined together

Border and Binding Fabric - 1½meters

Coordinating thread with at least 2 full bobbins

The usual sewing equipment:
Sewing machine, thread, scissors, etc.,
A good pair of scissors
Long Ruler
Rotory Cutter and Mat