Improv Houses

Improv Houses
Are you ready to make it up as you go? Improv piecing is gaining popularity in all styles of quilting. Working in your own style- traditional, modern, reproduction, hand dyes or batiks (or a mix)- this technique works in all fabrics. This class will focus on making free-style houses and putting them together into a unique-to-you quilt. No pattern- learn to be more intuitive!
Cost of Course
$60 for one day class
Kit Fee
Course Difficulty
Course Type
Course Time
Saturday morning, 9 am to 12 pm
Saturday afternoon, 1 pm to 4 pm
List of materials
 scraps and small amounts of many fabrics in your favourite colours, plus some not-so-favourite- these can be prints, solids -any style you like
 white or neutral (light or dark) fabrics for background (aka negative space)- about 1m or so
 fabric for border if desired- could be one of your scraps
 threads for piecing

 sewing machine in good working condition with the manual and presser foot- ¼” or regular foot
 pins, scissors, regular sewing supplies
 cutter, mat and small and large ruler
 small notebook and pen
 your sense of fun!

We will discuss various layouts, backgrounds/negative space, and possible ideas for quilting.

questions? email me