About the Courses 2023

There are many courses this year that require little or no previous knowledge or preparation. Many of the courses come with a kit you buy in advance which gives you everything needed to do the course. This includes felting, rug-hooking, book-binding, Hardanger, Sprang and banner-making. Others need a certain amount of prior learning - the two knitting courses, for example, expect you to know how to do a basic cast-on, a knit stitch and a purl. The Dressed Up Denim expects you to know how to do some basic hand sewing and to provide your denim you want to dress up. The two quilting classes are for fairly experienced quilters and they have a fair bit of prep-work required. Both worth it, though, in my opinion. I would jump at either of these two. It is always exciting to meet a new quilting teacher, as they so often have great tips which are just part of their conversation. And Carolyn comes with high recommendations. Extra user-friendly. In fact, that is a criteria for all of our teachers. We don't rehire anyone who does not feel easy to learn from, no matter how skilled. Above all, we want Creative Threads to be memorable in a good way! So browse and choose. Remember to keep checking with the calendar when you are picking so nothing is in the same time slot as another choice. And know that some courses are in demand and have limited numbers of students. The wood-working course is only allowing 3 students and one of the spots has already been filled!! However, there are lots of different classes, so look for a second choice and get your name on the wait-list if your favourite is already full. See you in October!